Ron Ragain, Ph.D. - Co-Founder and Partner

Ron is Co-Founder and Executive Director of The RAD Group. He received his doctorate in Psychology from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in 1977.  In addition to serving on the faculties of Stephen F. Austin State University, Belmont University and Iowa State University, he has been a consultant to hundreds of organizations around the world since beginning his consulting career in 1981.  Dr. Ragain has hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry having worked in refineries and on offshore drilling rigs.  He has developed and implemented organizational improvement programs in every segment of the oil and gas industry, aircraft maintenance, alarm & security systems, retail merchants, restaurants, newspapers, hospitals and transportation.  He specializes in organizational diagnosis, organizational and individual performance improvement, and safety improvement.  Dr. Ragain is co-author of many training programs including SafetyCompass®, and Performance Management in the Workplace, which have been used to train thousands of managers and supervisors around the world.

Mike Allen - Co-Founder and Partner

Mike is Co-Founder and Director of Operations of The RAD Group.  He is a former teacher and coach who led high school teams to ten state championships in football and baseball. He was recognized by Steven Covey as “Facilitator of the Year” in 1997.  In 1998, after spending 16 years in the oil and gas industry and reaching the position of Corporate Director of Quality and Training, he brought his fiery and motivational brand of coaching and training to the RAD Group.  Mike is passionate about Safety in the workplace and has had much success in training and motivating others to change unsafe behaviors and become safety leaders. He understands what it takes to be a successful leader and is credited by many of his clients as the person who helped them make the turn from manager/supervisor to leader.  Mike is co-author of many training programs including SafetyCompass®, PerformanceCompass®, and Performance Management in the Workplace, which have been used to train thousands of managers and supervisors around the world.

Phillip Ragain - Partner, Director of training and Human Performance

Phillip is a former instructor of ethics and logic at Texas Tech University, with a background in Organizational Behavior and Human Performance Improvement. In addition to directing The RAD Group’s research division, Phillip is an experienced trainer, instructional designer and Human Performance Improvement SME. He has trained thousands of people across industries, and has led culture-change strategies in dozens of organizations. Phillip has developed a range of training programs that are currently used around the world, including the SafetyCompass®, PerformanceCompass® and Honest Dialogue® training programs.

Phillip is the author of numerous articles on Safety Culture, Business Ethics, Communication, Leadership, Human Performance and Safety Intervention.

A sought-after keynote speaker with a lively educational style, Phillip prides himself on making complex subjects simple and easy to translate to real life.

Michael Allen - Director of business development

Michael has been involved in leadership, training, education, and management for over 19 years.  He started his post-graduate career as an American football coach where he quickly learned that group performance must be driven by quality leadership and sound developmental strategies.  This background also gave him great insight into strategic planning, team building, performance management, and performance redirection. He prides himself in passing these principles and his burning desire to build championship caliber teams to his RAD Group clients across the globe.

Since joining The RAD Group in 2007, Michael has become highly sought after for training, writing, and speaking on topics such as Organizational Leadership, Team-building, Safety Leadership, Human Factors, and Communication Skills. Michael manages the training department for The RAD Group, which includes guiding and mentoring all of The RAD Group’s client trainers through the train-the-trainer process from first contact through certification, and then provides post-training coaching for the new trainers. He has also co-developed curricula and overseen the implementation of two lines of Human Factors training programs, SafetyCompass® - Human Factors Safety Training Solutions and PerformanceCompass® - Human Performance Training Solutions. 

Michael has traveled the world to train managers, supervisors and executives across dozens of industries. His class participants describe him as being the bridge from the practical “real world” workplace and the academic world of Human Factors research that they had been missing.

Michael holds a BS in Secondary Education and an MS in Management.